About Us

We are a professionally managed company undertaking turn key projects in the field of air-conditioning and other related areas, under the aegis and guiding principles of, Mr. Rakesh Wadhwa, Managing director, Mechanical engineer (B.TECH) from the prestigious IIT Delhi (1975 batch) and specialised in Air-conditioning.

The company was founded in 1985 and has been executing projects of all magnitudes and complexity for varied clients in all corners of the country.

We take pride in our work and also in sharing our list of clients who we have successfully partnered and exceeded their expectations from us. Our client list includes organizations from various fields such as pharmaceuticals, IT, health care, BPO’s, Software research etc. Over the span of 15 years we have delivered time bound turn key projects for companies like Cadence, Adobe, Microsoft, Hughes software, Max hospital, Nokia etc.

Our team believes in alleviating the usual maladies that our faced by clients, consultants and PMC’s such as poor quality, deadline violations etc. We believe in delivering the project, with the best possible quality, within the given time frame, on a consistent basis.


Company ethos and guiding principles:

As imbibed from our managing director and founding employees, our company DNA speaks of focussing on compromising on quality, timelines, client satisfaction and being fair and honest to our suppliers, sub-contractors and other associated partners.

Our key personnel:

As it is rightly remarked that an organization is as great as the collective greatness of its employees, we pride in retaining the most talented and respected workforce in the sector. It is composed of a healthy mix of senior employee’s having served us since the inception of the company and also bringing in youth to strengthen the bench and support teams.

Having successfully implemented and executed multiple projects in various fields, these key personnel bring to the table a unique blend of wisdom and comfort with client’s requirements, which in turn makes it easier to deliver tailor made solutions.

Size of the organization:

We are an appropriately sized organization, which imparts us the flexibility and a much faster response time than our competitors. Also, when push gets to shove, we can adjust better than most other companies in this field to bolster our support staff.

Our clients:

A man is known by the company he keeps. We wish to be associated with our esteemed clients. This not only reinforces our commitment to work harder and deliver better results, but is also a testimonial of the effort we put in as a team to achieve complete client satisfaction. For a more intensive list please refer to our website: www.dynaaircon.com

Our commitment:

Having successfully bid and completed close to 500 projects, we are proud to state that we do not have any track record of exceeding mutually agreed upon project completion timelines or client dissatisfaction. We believe in fostering the relationship and working in harmony with other contractors to insure direct as well as indirect support to the project. We steadfastly pursue our goals to achieve 100% client satisfaction and in the process further our cause and reputation.

Our relationships with other partners:

As such we share an excellent rapport with the major vendors / suppliers / contractors / sub-contractors / PMC’s / consultants etc. This is primarily owing to our transparent culture and this instils a sense of confidence in our partners while dealing with us.

We are proud to pronounce ourselves as one the most consistent and time abiding paymasters in the industry and have no legal cases / misunderstandings pending against us. Our company has worked with all the major consultants / PMC’s in the industry and share an excellent corporate level understanding with each.

Nature of commitment to client:

Our resolve is in nurturing relationships and respecting the faith placed in us by the client and his team. We don’t look at a project just for that one time, for us its an ongoing relationship, a process, to be perfected and nurtured. Having completed over 500 projects, the interesting thing of note here is the number of repeat orders that our esteemed but demanding clients have bestowed upon us in view of the work we have done for them.

In lieu of the following, we hope to hear from you as soon as possible to discuss your specific project requirements and initiate dialogue for the same.